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DP to VGA 1080P Adapter Converter

1080P Male to Female DisplayPort DP to VGA cable adpater


This adapter has the ability to deliver high-definition digital audio and video from the DP port to the VGA monitor 

Input Type: Display Port (Male) 

Output Type: VGA 15Pin Female 

Display Port v1.1 compliant 

Embedded clock architecture to reduce EMI susceptibility 

Supports resolutions greater than QXGA (2048 x 1536) at 24-bit color depths 

Support a minimum of 1080P resolution at 24bpp, 50/60HZ at 15 meters 

Support 8-bit &10-bit Deep Color 

Support the video Bandwidth up to 10.8Gpbs 

Support the 1Mbps' bidirectional auxiliary channel 

Support the one lane, one direction, four-line connection 

Cable Length: Approx. 18cm/ 7.07" 


Supports Audio (on appropriately equipped computers)

Supports VGA 3D display modes

Supports "Dual Mode" input with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080P 60Hz

Supports full 1080p high resolution video

Provides 6.75Gbps data throughput

Complies with DisplayPort 1.1V standard

1. Connect your Mac, or other DisplayPort equipped computer, directly to your VGA® equipped display with this Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter from Vision!

2. This adapter connects to a DisplayPort connector, as found on many Mac computers and PC video cards. With the necessary electronics built into the adapter itself, this adapter provides a simple, elegant solution to your video connectivity needs. The cable fully supports all features included in the DisplayPort 1.1V specification, including support for audio for appropriately equipped computers.

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