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Mini DP to DVI Adapter Converter

MINI DP Displayport TO DVI Adapter male to female Converter 

    Displayport(DP)cable,a high-definition digital audio/video cable is the next generation digital display interface standard design to replace DVI,LVDS,and eventually delivers higher performance,enables exciting new monitor designs,improves digital display connectivity,and provides a roadmap for future display usages.DP is considered the HD equivalent for computers,providing both high definition digital audio and video via one cable,it is the best solution for computing displays,DVD player,projector,and LDC TV/PDP TV.



1. Smaller connectors,easier set up,thinner cables,fewer cables,higher color depths,higher refresh rates,higher resolutions,ubiquitous display connectivity-all features that displayport delivers on.

2.Provides data rates up to 1080p resolution with digital video and audio in one cable

3.Supports HD,DVI and LVDS displayport componets.

4.Supports HDCP(High-difinition content protection)

5.Supports greater than OXGA resolution and greater than 24-bit color depths.


Product name Mini DisplayPort DP to DVI Adapter
 Length  20cm
 Weight  45g
 Material  ABS
 Function  Support 1080p
 Logo  Support custom logo
 MOQ  1pcs

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