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A large number of connectors to fully meet the needs of th
TIME:2016-09-17 09:15
The creation of science and technology productivity, industrial revolution wheel pushing history forward, step by step before the end of some of the human civilization, the innovation of equipment manufacturing industry, equipment modernization of agriculture, national defence high-tech cutting-edge products such as spacecraft, rocket flying in space, the industry, agriculture, national defense and other industries of machinery and equipment the most important "tool" is pieced together the connectors.

Life also has some of the commonly used electronic products, digital products, mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc., there are a major core part, followed by the connector.

Each electronic product is missing the connector will not be able to operate. The electronic products, the appearance of the connector is the power connector, can be divided into simple line, charging connector as ordinary power plug connector, USB transmission signal and power development such as computer plug in the U disk, mouse, headset,

From the internal structure of electronic products, which is the integrated circuit board circuit is quite complex, each of the links are not the existence of connectors, connector is connected to each parts of the bridge, a no less of a need to design a reasonable and appropriate. The importance of connectors in life, go out before have to carry mobile phone full, now use the connector on the mobile power, easily let your mobile phone never shutdown, and greatly facilitate the people's life, improve life quality and work efficiency, but also with the technology developing, more and more fine more precise, more convenient, portable electronic products such as external connector, USB data lines, the price is very low, a five meters long was less than ten yuan, the service life is short, bad for a re on the line, it is another example of consumables, mobile phone charger, are outside the joint only the center port charging on the power socket, modified, can be connected directly on the computer or mobile device is connected with the charging function, has greatly improved.

The wide use of connectors, led to the vigorous production of all walks of life. Especially in Guangzhou market, many large and small businesses get together, want to carve up the cake in this industry. According to incomplete statistics, more than 20% of the national electronic products from Guangzhou, Shenzhen coast, there is the production of electronic products and electronic products, the holy land, there is naturally a connector of the figure, both inseparable.
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