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Precision precision is the trend of the development of conne
TIME:2016-09-17 09:14
Connectors are broadly speaking, as the name suggests is to connect two objects to become a whole and then play its role as a whole in the middle of the connection.

Give a simple example, we usually use the most commonly used USB connector is a very intuitive and very simple connector. With the continuous development and progress of the technology of multimedia and so on, the continuous change of the main body of the connector is also changing. For this point to take the USB connector, the first MP3 player to use the USB joint rough work, the overall connection line is also a lengthy cumbersome to better carry and save. Now the development of MP5, a lot of streamline its USB connector in appearance, quality is also a lot of sturdy and durable. Take the most commonly used mobile phones, which are equipped with the same data line connector. Then we can conclude that, with the development of science and technology not only a good connector will more and more beautiful and fashionable appearance, material to be more and more sturdy and durable, more important is the card slot of the core parts of the connection design will become more sophisticated and precise. So we don't have data transmission parts like data connector general with a long time slot on the loose connector when serious will be completely paralyzed, this will hurt the customer on the main product purchase confidence greatly.

Thus it seems that the connector compared to the body of the main part of the body is not so important, but the lack of its role in the connection, I am afraid the actual role of the main body will be greatly restricted. Like a strip connector in a computer case. If there is no current transmission of its data, the current level of technology, I'm afraid the high-end and then a good personal computer will not be normal. In the light of the connector is not enough, the continuous development of science and technology has been used for a variety of connectors to provide better technical support. These advanced aspects not only green in the connector of different uses of the material itself on durable, also reflected in the overall structure of the track and streamlined above, key parts such as card slot, interface, data transmission chip workmanship will be more perfect and smooth. Of course, the future development trend of the connector is also bound to be towards the development of miniaturization.
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