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Connector market to pick up, the trend is the trend of preci
TIME:2016-09-17 09:14
According to the analysis report of professional research institutions Bishop&Associates, affected by the global economic environment, the global market in the first half of 2012 on the connector sales decreased by 3-4 percentage points than last year, but overall, due to the economic recession to more than two times before the relative temperature and from the fourth quarter of 2012, so the market has been improved, the overall the global connector Market in 2012 sales of approximately $47 billion 100 million, is expected in 2013 the market will maintain growth in the micro level of 4.2%, sales of approximately $49 billion 100 million.

Supply in the market, most of the connector suppliers reflect current connector products, prices remain relatively stable level, but the number of distributors and original equipment manufacturers procurement efforts more conservative, reduce the quantity of your order, and to increase the order frequency, which is usually 6 weeks delivery time began to shorten.

For the growth of the market in 2013, manufacturers generally optimistic about the network equipment market, including mobile super intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer, personal navigator, (ultra-mobile) has become the main equipment connector products market. Especially low cost intelligent mobile phone market in the price of about $150, China shipments of mobile phone manufacturers will further improve, and will require more functional in more compact devices, listed faster at the same time. On the other hand, due to the global plug-in electric vehicle demand has maintained a steady growth in recent years, makes people pay more attention to this kind of equipment and built-in connectivity in harsh environments, a variety of electric / hybrid vehicles (EV/HEV) connector scheme should be born. In addition, the new energy market growth potential should not be overlooked, although for solar and wind energy based on renewable energy development efforts is still limited, but in the next few years, along with the increasing global government policy incentives, the market will usher in a stage of vigorous development, there will be more at the beginning of this connector manufacturers full of vitality and challenging market for new business opportunities.

From the view of application, as far as possible to reduce packaging volume device is a trend in the electronic manufacturing industry, especially the characteristics of the portable electronic equipment networking showing light and multi-function, forcing the connector products also face serious challenges in research and development, focus on market demand and achieve effective interconnection with external connection in a limited space to how, in certain applications, the focal point of the I/O input and output connector has become the traditional market competition. For example, Apple released the Lightning (lightning) connector, and some high-end data center and server development more signal density and higher bandwidth I/O interface connector etc. have become the new leader in product development on the connector industry.

The connector for large current power supply and charging the popular stage as an example, these products are mainly used in all kinds of electric vehicles, communication power supply, new energy (such as solar energy), professional field of electric machinery, medical equipment, and according to the application characteristics of different industries, different manufacturers in the development of connector products, its focus is also on the the same.

In the data and telecommunications industry applications, a higher current density is necessary for the next generation of power units. Compared to the current high-end computer connector applications can only achieve the maximum of each column area 60.0A to 75.0A current, Molex in the new EXTremeEnergetiC high current connector system released earlier this year can be used for applications requiring each column in the current area of up to 100.0A. The connector system is provided with a right angle plug and socket vertical configuration, with 4 and 6 power list area and a 25 pin signal area, to provide a variety of configuration methods of modular design, can be used in applications including high-end computer and telecommunications equipment, 1U/2U server module, power supply and distribution line board higher requirements.

In addition, in the development of EV/HEV, can have a wide range of requirements of connector products using the environmental temperature adaptability, high current and high overload capacity, high voltage capability, anti shock and vibration, and excellent electromagnetic shielding performance. To this end, TE has developed a variety of specifications for the EV/HEV motor drive, signal control, auxiliary power supply and other systems of large current connectors and high voltage connectors. According to reports, there are Hanquan research institutions, and through supplier cooperation, actively into the car with high current power supply and charging connector market, and in 2012 passed the quality management system TS16949 international certification, the company plans for the future will be further in the car connector Market force.
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